World Masters 2023 Pattaya, Thailand

Summary information for masters sailors considering applying for entry to the World Masters in Pattaya, Thailand 8-16 Feb 2023 ILCA 6 and 18-26 Feb 2023 ILCA 7.

  • Royal Varuna Yacht Club Pattaya is a great venue
  • Details and application links are on ILCA web site Here
  • Applications are open until 1 October for the ILCA 6 event
  • Applications will open 22 September until 10 October for the ILCA 7 event
  • Each event limit is 200
  • Australian ranking will be based on results from 2022 National Masters (Westernport)
  • Sailors who didn’t compete at Westernport will be ranked in order of application
  • We expect that all who want to compete will get an entry offer