SLM – Active Sailing Clubs

Our ALCA Youth Representative Don Elks has been working since 2002 developing and perfecting a club level dinghy training program which generates membership growth for junior through to adult sailing. The program is titled Structured Learning Methodology SLM.

The program assures that every dollar invested by participating clubs delivers quality training, member growth, and retention at the lowest marginal cost. The program is simple to operate and it adapts to any fleet structure. Under the program coaches acquire knowledge and improve on the job. With a functional training capability clubs can raise funds, run courses and events.

Trials so far are demonstrating real benefits at community based as well as large professionally staffed clubs. Trials of the program are ongoing at Fremantle SC, Hunters Hill SC, South of Perth YC, McCrae YC, Brisbane SS and starting up at Mornington YC and Royal Sydney YC.

Don Elks is currently gauging the level of interest in SLM to decide how best to support more clubs. If you or your club may be interested please have a look at the SLM site HERE and get in touch with Don using the form, the email or phone listed on the Contact tab.