Important Notice to Laser Radial Sailors about the Worlds

Laser Radial World Championship
22nd to 29th March 2008
New Zealand

The ILCA announced on the 12th December 2007 that the World Laser Radial Men’s Championship and the World Laser Radial Youth Championship (both boys and girls) are to be allocated events.

To date, the ALCA has been allocated places as follows:
World Laser Radial Men’s Championship – 3 places
World Laser Radial Youth Championship (boys) – 3 places
World Laser Radial Youth Championship (girls) – 3 places

The ALA is able to apply for additional places by the closing date of 7th January 2008.

A selection policy will be issued soon however sailors should note that the results of the 2008 Australian Laser Radial Championship to be conducted in Blairgowrie, Vic will be used as the basis for the allocation of existing and any additional places to the World Championship.  Places will be offered consecutively from the order of finishing positions starting at first place.

If the results of the Australian Laser Radial Championship have been exhausted and places are still available, the ALA will allocate places, at its absolute discretion, using the results of the Australian Laser Youth Championship (full-rig), Australian Laser Championship (full-rig) and the Australian 4.7 Championship.

As the number of charter boats available is ONE of the limiting factors on the number of places allocated to countries, it may be possible to achieve some additional allocated places if a charter boat is not required through the organising authority.

In order to assist the ALA to gain as many places to the Worlds as possible and to ensure as many of our sailors can attend the World Championship on a fair and equitable basis, sailors are requested to register their interest in attending the Worlds.

Please advise the ALA (either directly or through your District Association):
1. Your name and a reliable e-mail contact (or phone number)
2. The event(s) you wish to compete in in NZ
3. Which Australian Championship you will compete in in Blairgowrie
4. If you have made arrangements to either ship your boat to NZ or if you have arranged your own private charter in NZ.

It is very important to note that shipping your own boat to NZ or having arranged your own charter boat DOES NOT guarantee you a place at the Worlds.

The ALA appreciates that many sailors have already booked and in some cases paid for airfares, accommodation, charter boats and/or shipping.  We are trying to work through this challenge as efficiently as possible however it is unlikely that we will have any answer on additional places until after the 7th January (when the ILCA is aware of other countries not wishing to take up their allocated places).  The ALA is in constant contact with the ILCA to ensure that we gain as many places possibly available to our sailors.

Issued: 21st December 2007