New Arrangements for Australian Sailing Insurance

Australian Sailing have re-negotiated the personal accident and public liability insurance which they hold.

Personal Accident Insurance

The policy covers all AS members and now also volunteers of AS affiliated clubs.

In summary the policy;

  • Covers all members and volunteers of AS affiliated clubs
  • Covers sailors when racing and training or practicing for races
  • Covers delivering a yacht to and from a race
  • Covers travelling directly between home and a club
  • No longer covers travelling to or competing in overseas events
  • Does not cover persons when on the club premises in a personal capacity (having a meal/ drink, working on boat etc).
  • Does not cover persons when engaged in recreational boating activities (going for an afternoon cruise, coastal journeys etc)

Full details including changes from previous arrangements, coverage, benefits and claims are on the AS web site Here.

Many personal travel insurance policies provide broad coverage overseas including for competition. If competition is excluded from your policy then AS say that this coverage can be arranged for clubs and individuals by contacting the AS insurance broker Stedfast IRS Pty Ltd trading as Network Insurance Group.

Public Liability Insurance

The definition of insured persons under this policy now reads:

  • All Australian Sailing accredited Officials and Volunteers, only whilst working for or conducting activities on behalf of Australian Sailing or affiliated clubs;
  • All Australian Sailing accredited Instructors, only whilst working for or conducting activities on behalf of Australian Sailing or accredited Discover Sailing Centres;
  • All Australian Sailing accredited Coaches while working for or conducting activities for Australian Sailing or an affiliated club or an affiliated class association;

and only if not otherwise insured.

If you require assistance with additional insurance needs please contact AS brokers, Network Insurance Group as listed below.

Network Insurance Group | 1300 655 037 | |
02 9957 2544 | Level 12, 122 Arthur Street North Sydney NSW 2060 | PO Box 84 North Sydney 2059