Masters Changes – from Ken Hurling

Hi Everyone,

I have had Master Laser Sailors contact me lately about the age groupings in the Masters, mostly from GGMs. I have spoken to a few Masters about this and I have come up with some  possible changes that may solve some of the issues G G Masters have.

I see two problems with our age groupings at the moment Apprentices and GGMs.
Apprentices low numbers and GGM’s the over 70’s, the difference in physical strength say to a 75 year old racing against 65 year olds there seems to be an imbalance. I mean no offence here.
These are the some of the things we can do and I have listed below.
1. Leave things as they are and make no submission to ILCA.
2. Change the name and age of Apprentices from 35 to 30. and the rest follow on. I know there will be some say that this will encourage the Olympic Laser Sailors to enter Masters Championships, I see no problem with this if we reduce the age and create a Sub Apprentice division.
             Sub Apprentices 30 to 40
             Apprentices         40 to 50
             Masters                 50 to 60
             Grand Masters     60 to 70
             GGM s                   70 plus
             Men and Woman
I personally am just happy to be out on the water, but please give me your views on this. I will not take this to World Council unless the majority are in favour or we have a better plan.
At the South Pacific Master I am planning to have a open forum on this and give an update on some ILCA matters.
Kids + Boats = Fun,
Ken Hurling ALCA