Laser 4.7 at the 2012 Laser World Masters Championship

NEW Laser 4.7 Category at the 2012 Laser World Masters Championship

At the recent World Council meeting the Council unanimously agreed to

“Introduce a 4.7 category at the 2012 Masters World Championship.  The category will be
open to male and female sailors from all age categories.  The entry for the 4.7 category will be open instead of allocated by country (this means that 4.7 entries will be in  addition to the allocation of places for the Laser Standard and Laser Radial and without limit). The results of this trial introduction will be evaluated by the World Council after the regatta to determine if a 4.7 division should be included in future events.”

The Notice of Race has been changed to accommodate this.

Sailors wishing to enter the 4.7 category 2012 Laser World Masters Championship in
Brisbane, Australia 9 to 17 March may do so by making an application on the
ILCA Laser World Masters 2012 event mini site:

In addition each application from a Laser 4.7 sailor must advise the ILCA office
that they have made an application and wish to sail with a 4.7 rig by emailing  with the subject heading “4.7 Masters 2012 Entry”.

A limited number of charter boats will available specifically for the Laser 4.7
category initially for sailors from outside Australia.  Applications for a Laser 4.7 charter boat
shall be by email direct to
with the subject heading “4.7 Masters 2012 Charter”

Jeff Martin

Executive Secretary