Julian Bethwaite – C5 Design

The new C5 rig if successful in trials may be adopted as a more attractive option covering a wider weight range alongside the existing Laser 4.7. You can see a post on it on this site HERE.

Julian Bethwaite has been methodically working on the project for some time with ILCA endorsement. Julian has produced an update on the design process to date and the the testing and evaluation regime going forward in the document HERE. From this you can see how much work and fine tuning has been done to make sure that the new rig meets its design objectives.

Just for interest there is a similar piece HERE written by Laser designer Bruce Kirby in 2016 recalling how the boat was designed and built nearly 50 years ago. Interesting that Bruce wanted an above boom vang back in 1970 and says in this piece that there was not time then to develop it. Well it may have taken 49 years but the new C5 has such a vang along with many other innovations.