Important Masters News – 2009 Worlds – restricted entry

In order to improve the entry process and overall safety at the championships the ILCA World Council has introduced a new allocated entry system for all World Laser Masters Championships from and including 2009.

The allocation and entry system will be the same as is currently being used for the 2008 World Laser 4.7 Championship. 

Application forms are scheduled to open for the 2009 World Laser Masters Championship at the beginning of September 2008 and will be available from the ILCA events website and announced by International circular.

If it does not already exist, each country will need to introduce a system of qualification for each of the Masters categories to enable ranking applications for entry to the World Masters Championship. (NOTE: The ALCA will issue a ranking policy.  As per established policy the main basis of ranking will be the results of the 2009 Australian Championship in WA.)

Full details on the allocation process can be found at:

If you have further questions or need assistance please contact the ILCA office either by email or telephone +44 1326 315064.

From International Circular 238 – 1st May 2008