Can I exercise on my Laser?

To relieve the tedium of life indoors most Laser sailors are getting out for regular exercise which is both conditionally allowed and encouraged under current Government regulations in most jurisdictions.

The NSW Government Office of Sport says on their web site that during the COVID-19 pandemic “Where possible, it is important sporting clubs and organisations continue to allow people to exercise, so long as social distancing is practised and rules around public gatherings of no more than two people are complied with.”

As we know sailing your Laser gives you a pretty good work out on most days and a few sailors have asked can sailing a boat be counted as exercise under the new order of things. Well the answer is yes with some sensible restrictions unless you are in Victoria where all forms of boating are not exercise but a recreation and are not allowed.

You can check on details of restrictions and updates for your state on the web sites linked below.