C5 Rig Update

Over 8 thousand people have viewed the Vimeo video introducing the new C5 HERE. The ILCA have placed the new rig development in perspective in a post on their web site HERE.

ILCA emphasises in the post that they have no plans to replace or remove any of the existing Laser classes. They say “the 4.7, Radial and Standard classes will continue as always with controlled, incremental evolution and development aimed at improving longevity, increasing the ease of use and reducing the cost of ownership”.

On the C5 ILCA says “development has now reached the point where it would be useful to deploy a reasonable number of sample rigs “into the field” as a test to see how they perform in racing conditions in active fleets.” and that “Performance Sailcraft Japan, which has long been championing the idea of a way to make the Laser more viable for lighter weight sailors, has stepped up to serve as the lead builder on the introduction of the C5 test rigs.”

ALCA President Ken Hurling is an enthusiastic supporter of the C5 initiative. He has commented “When you see the C5 rig on a Laser hull for the first time she is like a lady with a new dress – wonderful and looks fast. The C5 is at the end of a 4 year planning and development program. We in the Laser world have a history of slow introduction of new products taking our time and getting it right. The C5 development has involved an international team of designers, engineers, builders, lawyers and sailors operating and working to Worlds best practice to deliver the outcome.”

Ken went on to elaborate on the ILCA approved field test rigs and the timing for their introduction. Ken said “So where are we right now? Patents approved, masts, boom, sails with insert ID, parts supplies contracts to be approved, and the whole rig for final testing in March April 2019. It is hoped that the first 100 C5 Rigs should be ready for sale after May 2019 – a record for ILCA – just 4 years since the concept started. Watch closely for the C5 Rig coming to a club near you or for information from your local dealer.”