Progress With New Class Builders

Despite COVID-19 new class builders are progressing with production from the three new European builders expected in the European Summer.

The reasons for the changes to the class builder arrangements stemming from the requirement by World Sailing for open supply of Olympic equipment are covered in our earlier post HERE.

Six of the seven builders originally selected are progressing towards commercial supply of hulls. These are;

  • Devoti Sailing s.r.o. (Poland)
  • Element 6 Evolution Co Ltd  (Thailand)
  • Nautivela srl (Italy)
  • Ovington Boats Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Qindao Zou Inter Marine Co., Ltd (China)
  • Rio tecna srl (Argentina)

Current builders PSA and PSJ are retained.

Once the hull supply is bedded down ILCA will be moving to open up the supply of parts – spars, foils and sails. A full description of the ILCA arrangements and plan is HERE.