Judgement Favours Kirby in Long Running Laser Legal Case

Thank God Its Friday 1969 Bruce Kirby Laser Prototype

The wheels of justice grind slowly and at great cost or so it seems from the long running Bruce Kirby case against the largest Laser builder Laser Performance Europe (LPE).

The case filed by Kirby in a Connecticut USA federal court in March 2013 resulted in a decision last week by a jury (after a four day trial) that LPE had been willfully refusing to pay contracted royalties to Kirby the original designer of the Laser dinghy. They awarded Bruce Kirby $6.8 USD million in damages. There is more information on this judgement courtesy of law360.com HERE.

In 2008 Bruce Kirby, sold his rights in the Laser to a New Zealand company Global Sailing Limited, controlled by the Spencer family, for $2.6 USD million.

There is a now separate but related case against LPE brought by Global Sailing Ltd. for ongoing non payment of design royalties. This case will be heard before a judge only later this year and may result in additional and potentially larger damages being awarded.