ILCA World Masters 2021 Entry Information

ILCA World Masters Barcelona 17-26 September 2021 Summary Entry Deadlines & Fees Information

Background Information

This information is gleaned from ILCA web site World Championships page. It is specifically for ILCA Masters World Championships Barcelona 17-26 September 2021 though the same arrangements with dates adjusted should apply for any of the 2021 ILCA World Championships.

The Notice of Race for the ILCA World Masters is HERE.

Normal ILCA Entry Arrangements

In normal times the ILCA’s entry system works fairly and well. You apply in an application window around five months in advance of the event. The applications are sent to the ILCA District of the applicant who then checks membership status and ranks the applicants. Offers of entry are sent out by ILCA based on these rankings and factoring in the target number of places related to the number of sailors registered in the ILCA District.

For ILCA World Masters all applicants usually get an entry offer but those ranked lowly may have to wait quite a while if, as in Australia’s case for ILCA Masters, there are many more applicants than we have target entries. As well there are a limited number of charter boats and these are allocated to sailors requiring them in the order that entry offers are made. Thus in the past some Australian sailors have received an entry offer but can’t get an official charter and have had to shuffle around to charter privately or drop out.

If you don’t apply in the entry window and there are still places available late applications will open and further entry offers made but only after all the on time applications for places and charters are satisfied.

There is an entry limit of 400 for the 2021 World Masters and Australia’s Entry Target for the event is 21. The last time the Laser World Masters was held on the Mediterranean was in 2014 at Hy√®res, France where there were 500 competitors including 47 Australians.

These are more uncertain times than 2014 and entry for Australians to these 22021 ILCA events will be problematic due to overseas travel bans for Australians.

Entry Options for 2021 ILCA World Masters

If you are hoping that you can travel to Barcelona by September 2021 then the entry and possible cancellation options and costs are summarised below.

Enter now or before 20 May 2021 for US$50 you will be ranked and get an offer which you can accept up to 25 June 2021 by paying the full entry fee US$395 and if required charter fee and refundable damage deposit. If you cancel before 25 June 2021 you will be refunded all but US$5. If you cancel before 17 August 2021 you will have the charter fees and all but US$50 of the entry fee refunded. For cancellation after 17th August there is no refund.

If you don’t apply for entry by 20 May 2021 then, if there are still places available, late applications will open on 4th June 2021. Basically first to accept an offer and pay the entry fee will be first served up until all places are filled. The same first come first served applies to the limited number of charter boats. Applications after 17th August, if there are places available, are also first come first served and attract an additional late fee of US$75.

There are COVID caveats in NoR 3.8 which allow the organising authority to postpone or cancel the event which if they do after 17th August will not guarantee the refund all entry fees. As well the organising authority can change the event from a World Championship to an International Regatta if not all sailors can travel to and from the venue and they can change the maximum number of entries.