IC218 – LaserWorld Publication and Article Submission

Please find below dates for when the next five LaserWorld will be sent from the ILCA office. They should arrive with you shortly afterwards dependent on couriers and mail service.

If you are not receiving LaserWorld or need to change the postal address that LaserWorld is being sent to please contact

We are always keen to include new articles and information from around the world. If you have a report on a local regatta or an article that you think would be interesting to other Laser sailors please send it to office@laserinternational.org. If possible please include any relevant photo’s so we can add that little extra colour.

2007 Edition 3
Article submission deadline: 13 August 2007
Dispatch deadline: 28 September 2007

2007 Edition 4 (Will include 2008 Handbooks)
Article submission deadline: 29 October 2007
Dispatch deadline: 21 December 2007

2008 Edition 1
Article submission deadline: 4 February 2008
Dispatch deadline: 28 March 2008

2008 Edition 2
Article submission deadline: 19 May 2008
Dispatch deadline: 27 June 2008

2008 Edition 3
Article submission deadline: 4 August 2008
Dispatch deadline: 28 September 2008

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