IC214 – 2007 Rule Change Vote

17th May 2007

The next edition of LaserWorld is being dispatched on 21 May and contains the latest list of proposed rule changes for the Laser. Please ask all of your members to review these rule changes and send back their votes.

Votes can be submitted by returning the voting form in LaserWorld by post or fax or from the ILCA web site at:


Below is an explanation of the Rule Changes:

The following two proposed changes are considered minor and have no affect on performance. The rule changes have been passed by the World Council. They are now referred to all members of the ILCA for acceptance.

Only full paid class member votes will be counted.

Please take advantage of your right to be part of this democratic process. Your vote is important.

rhombus.GIF1.Rule 4 – Sail Registration Numbers and Identification

Add new rule:

4.(g)(i) Sails used in the following womens events shall carry a red rhombus above the top batten pocket on both sides;
a. world or regional (continental) championships
b. events described as international events by the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions
c. other events that prescribe in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions that women competitors should be identified.
(g)(ii) The minimum size and approximate position shall comply with diagram Rhombus
(g)(iii) The rhombus may be retained for racing in other events.

EXPLANATION: The requirement of a red rhombus on the sail has been ILCA policy at world and continental championships for a number of years. Since the Laser Radial was selected as Olympic equipment Womens Laser Radial sailing has dramatically increased. At large multi Olympic class
regattas and at our own class regattas it is helpful for sailors and race committee to identify different fleets. The Red Rhombus makes it easy to identify between mens and womens Laser Radial fleets and also between womens Laser Radial fleets and mens Laser Standard rig fleets.

2. Rule 19 – Mast

Add new rule 19 (d):
(d) Flexible adhesive tape may be applied to the outside of the joint of the upper and lower mast sections to a limit of 40mm above and below the joint to prevent rotation of the mast sections at the joint.

EXPLANATION: The addition of flexible adhesive tape to the outside of the mast join provides an easier way of keeping the mast collar rivet in the neutral axis. Without this rule change we have to rely on packing the inside of the collar. If the inside packing is too tight the collar can stick inside the lower mast making it difficult to separate the upper and lower sections and with the additional risk of weakening or breaking the mast collar rivet. If this happens the upper mast can collapse into the lower mast.

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