2018/19 Laser Events List

For further information please refer to State, Australian or International Laser Association or  Australian or World Sailing websites linked below. We do our best to list all known state, national, regional and world Laser events but please check with the definitive website for the most accurate and up to date information.

Event Run By Host Club Dates NoR
National Events
Sail Sydney Olympic Classes (Std and Radial) AS Woollahra Sailing Club 4-7 December 2018
Sail Sydney Invited Classes (4.7) AS Woollahra Sailing Club 7-9 December 2018
Sail Melbourne International AS Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Vic 12-16 December 2018
Sail Brisbane AS RQYS, Manly, Queensland 28 Nov – 2 Dec 2018
Australian National & Oceania Championships OLCA/ALCA Mersey Yacht Club Devonport, Tas 1-8 January 2019 NoR
Australian Youth National Championships AS RYCT, Hobart, Tas 10-14 January 2019
Regional Events
South Pacific Laser Masters QLA RQYS, Manly, Queensland 13-16 July 2018 NoR
Oceania Fiji Laser Masters Standard & Radial OLCA Dunarau Island, Fiji 13-19 October 2018 NoR
District Events
Coast Championships NSW/ACT LA Vaucluse Yacht Club 27-28  October 2018
State Championships NSW/ACT LA Canberra Yacht Club 24-25 November 2018
State Masters Championships NSW/ACT LA South Lake Macquarie Amateur SC 2-3 March 2019
Metropolitan Championships NSW/ACT LA Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club 16-17 March 2019
 Women’s Laser Regatta  DBSC Double Bay Sailing Club  8-9 September 2018
World Championship Events
2018 Laser Radial Men’s World Championship ILCA Kiel, Germany 18-14 June 2018 NoR
2018 Laser Under-21 World Championships ILCA Gdynia, Poland 1-8 July 2018 NoR
2018 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships ILCA Gdynia, Poland 9-17 July 2018 NoR
2018 Sailing World Championships * WS Aarhus, Denmark 30 July – 12 August 2018 NoR
2018 Laser Radial Youth World Championships ILCA Kiel, Germany 18-25 August 2018 NoR
2018 Laser Masters World Championships ILCA Dun Laoghaire, Ireland 7-15 September 2018 NoR
* 2018 Laser Standard Men’s World Championship & Laser Radial Women’s World Championship are part of the Sailing World Championships
* These World Championships will also serve as a qualification regatta for the 2020 Olympic Games