Boat Production in Overdrive for Big Events

Shiny New Lasers at PSA’s Fountaindale Factory

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in running any event. The big Laser National, Regional and World Championships in Victoria in 2020 are no exception. With over 1,300 entries for the various championship events one super essential is the boats themselves. The production of these is centred at the PSA factory located at Fountaindale on the Central Coast of NSW. The factory there has been in overdrive through 2019 producing around 450 new Lasers.

With the introduction of additional moulds and trained staff the company has produced 160 new charter boats for the various events and another 200 plus boats for lead up, training and other events. The boats will be shipped to Melbourne in 40ft containers, arriving in plenty of time for the January 1 start date.