Australian Open & Youth Championships

Building from Matt Wearn’s fabulous Olympic win we are getting excited about the upcoming season and the Australian Championships which will be run 1-8 January at Matt’s home club Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC).

The current wave of COVID lock downs and border closures have created some uncertainty. However with advancing vaccinations and federal/state agreements on the removal of lockdowns as vaccination rates rise we are hopeful that this uncertainty will ease well in time for the event to proceed as scheduled.

While it is too early now to decide whether the Championships can go ahead as scheduled we will monitor the situation and make a final decision by 17 November 2021.

If by this date it is decided not to run the Nationals 1-8 January a decision will be made then, in consultation with WALA, to either;

  • Delay the Australian Championships until 11-18th April 2022 at FSC
  • Or run an event 1-8 January at FSC as a National Regatta

The contingency delayed event dates were chosen in April to match with school term breaks in most states and to incorporate Easter holidays. If adopted the three months delay would give increased confidence in the opening up of domestic travel.

If the national borders are not projected to open even by mid-April then WALA will likely run an event 1-8 January at FSC as a National Regatta for locals and those who can travel freely to and from WA.