50th Anniversary for the Laser coming up September 2021

ILCA are considering a proposal to promote to sailors, class districts, sailing clubs and associations around the world to encourage holding a fun day of racing, or just sailing, a Laser to celebrate the `boat and the class’ 50th anniversary.

Clubs (and/or individuals) will be encouraged to organise a regatta or a single race, or to just to get out for a fun sail in a Laser, new or old.

The proposal being considered is HERE.

If you have ideas let us know.

The background to the Laser origins is;

In Autumn of 1970 the prototype Laser (called the Weekender at the time, with “TGIF” on the sail) entered and won the America’s Teacup regatta in Wisconsin. The boat was named “Laser” in November that year.

Production started over the winter months and the first boats starting to rapidly sell in 1971. The first large regatta was the 1971 North American Championships (won by Dick Tillman); hence, 2021 will be the 50th anniversary of Laser racing and the class association.