2015 Australian Laser Championships

The 2015 Australian Laser Championships for Standard, Radial and 4.7 rigs and incorporating the Open, Women’s and Masters’ Championships were held at Mandurah WA from 29 Dec 2014 to 4 Jan 2015.  Full results can be viewed here and great photos and reports can be viewed here.


Laser Standard:  1st Tom Burton (NSW); 2nd Matthew Wearn and 1st Youth; 3rd Ryan Palk (QLD); 4th Luke Elliot (WA); 5th Mitchell Kennedy (QLD)

Laser Radial:  1st Alistair Young (WA) and 1st Youth; 2nd Tristan Brown (WA); 3rd Conor Nicholas (WA) and 2nd Youth; 4th Finn Alexander (NSW) and 3rd Youth; 5th Ashley Stoddart (QLD) and 1st Woman

Women:  1st Ashley Stoddart (QLD); 2nd Manami Doi (Japan); 3rd Haddon Hughes (USA) and 1st female Youth

Laser 4.7:  1st Brody Riley (VIC) – Youth; 2nd Caelin Winchcombe (WA) – Youth; 3rd Jordan Makin (NSW) – Youth; 4th Nicholas Bezy (Hong Kong) – Youth; 5th Zachary Littlewood (WA) and 1st Junior

Masters – Laser Standard:  1st Grand Master – Gavin Dagley (VIC); 1st Master – Grant Lovelady (WA); 1st Apprentice – Chris Caldecoat (NSW)

Masters – Laser Radial:  1st Master Mark Kennedy (QLD); 1st Grand Master – Jeff Loosemore (NSW); 1st Great Grand Master – David Edmiston (NSW)

Many of the Radial and 4.7 youth and junior sailors competed at the Australian Youth Championships at Fremantle from 6 to 10 Jan 2015 and results can be viewed here.