2008 Asia Pacific Championships

Subject: 2008 Asia Pacific Championships
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 21:47:35 +1000

Since my last email back in March much water has gone under the bridge in trying to come up with a solution that would achieve great sailing and create a true Laser event in the traditional of past Asia Pacific events.

I believe we now have an opportunity to achieve both of these objectives.

Sail Melbourne have now agreed to conduct the 2008 Asia Pacific Laser Championship concurrently with the Olympic and Invited Classes event which has recently being announced as the first leg of the new World Cup series. Whilst this has been contemplated for some time, we now have agreement from all parties to have the Laser fleet housed at Royal Brighton Yacht Club in lieu of Sandringham Yacht Club. Racing will be conducted on the waters between these clubs (as usual) but the separate venue will give us a chance to create a Laser centric environment, conduct social events at the Brighton club and enjoy their brand new clubhouse. http://www.rbyc.yachting.org.au/

The Finn class is also being relocated to Black Rock which will in turn allow Sandringham to cater for the vastly increased numbers expected to attend the 2009 event as a result of the number of World Championships being held in Melbourne and the effect of the Laser World’s also being in

This change will start to appear on Sail Melbourne promotional material in the next few days.

We also have an agreed framework with Sail Melbourne to allow;

  • A separate presentation function for the Asia Pacific Champs
  • We will not use a “medal race” last day format for the Asia Pacific’s – the World Cup event will extend 1 day beyond the AP’s
  • A single entry fee will cover both events.

Work has to be done to establish the cost of social events, trophies and any costs sail Melbourne will not cover. These will have to be added to the fee Sail Melbourne determines for conducting the Regatta.

If the Asia Pacific Laser Committee has any strong views on these topics please let me know.